A lightweight and modular JavaScript library for OGC APIs that implements:

Compared to writing the request code yourself, this library provides:

  • More developer-friendly APIs
  • Better request error handling
  • Query parameter validation
  • TypeScript support

See more details at the documentation.

This library is designed to work in both Node.js and browser environments.


The stability of this library is ensured by an extensive collection of unit and E2E tests. The following sections describes how to run those tests locally.

Unit tests

To run unit tests, execute the following command:

npm run test

E2E tests

The E2E tests of this library are executed against a specially crafted OGC API instance with pre defined sample datasets based on pygeoapi, which is provided as a Docker image.

Note: Further information about the Docker image can be found in the corresponding Dockerfile.

To run E2E tests locally, first run the following command from the root directory of this repository to start the E2E OGC API test instance:

docker run --rm -it -p 5000:80 \
--pull=always \
--health-cmd "curl http://localhost" \
--health-interval 10s \
--health-timeout 5s \
--health-retries 5 \

After that, run in separate shell the following command to execute E2E tests.

$ npm run test:e2e



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