Two months ago I have written a small python package pymasker to generate mask from the Quality Assessment band of Landsat 8 image and MODIS land products. This package is gaining popularity, But scripting may not be convenient for users who are not familiar with programming, therefore I create a ArcMap python toolbox based on this package for interactive masking.
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I am glad to announce that the project ArcMap Raster Edit Suite (ARES) has proceed to its second major version 0.2.0! A completely new toolbar Raster Painter is added into the add-in. Many people have realized that editing pixels using tools in Raster Editor may be labor intensive, especially when editing large number of pixels. This toolbar is here to provide an ultimately flexible solution to edit pixels, by painting new values on it. The editing style is design to be similar to draw image and picture. You can find similar toolbars in ArcMap like ArcScan and Raster Painting, but they are not designed for raster data modification. Of course, a very close analogy is Paint on Window.
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Editing single pixels of a raster layer is a common task in daily GIS and RS practice. For example

  • Removing misclassified pixels from a land cover classification result

  • Creating a set of multiple raster layers with minor difference for model simulation

  • etc.

In ArcMap we use Raster Calculator and Reclassification tool as many instructions suggest. However, these tools are designed to edit the layer as a whole and they are not flexible enough for minor modification. If ArcMap allows us to edit single features of a vector layer, why we cannot edit single pixels of a raster layer in ArcMap? That is the reason why the project ArcMap Raster Edit Suite (ARES) starts. It aims at providing an ArcMAp Add-In with tools to allows single raster pixels editing, just like what we can do with the vector layer. Flexible, quick and neat!
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Haoliang Yu

I am a full-stack javascript developer, geography lover, open source advocate, and skiing player.

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