I have been doing GIS work for quite a while and I do hate to download data from multiple sites every time. So I decide to collect those commonly geospatial data and make my own database. Of course, like all open-source people do, I’d love to share my work with you. The first release is the U.S. nationwide U.S. boundary. This dataset include nation, state, county, place, census block, and census tract. The source data come from U.S. Census Bureau and you can find the metadata here.

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Two months ago I have written a small python package pymasker to generate mask from the Quality Assessment band of Landsat 8 image and MODIS land products. This package is gaining popularity, But scripting may not be convenient for users who are not familiar with programming, therefore I create a ArcMap python toolbox based on this package for interactive masking.
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The length of remote sensing pixel value is constrained by a predefined pixel value type. It is an unchangeable property for each remote sensing image and saving an unsupported value to a image may cause unpredictable errors like application crash or information loss resulted from implicit data type conversion.
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I am glad to announce that the project ArcMap Raster Edit Suite (ARES) has proceed to its second major version 0.2.0! A completely new toolbar Raster Painter is added into the add-in. Many people have realized that editing pixels using tools in Raster Editor may be labor intensive, especially when editing large number of pixels. This toolbar is here to provide an ultimately flexible solution to edit pixels, by painting new values on it. The editing style is design to be similar to draw image and picture. You can find similar toolbars in ArcMap like ArcScan and Raster Painting, but they are not designed for raster data modification. Of course, a very close analogy is Paint on Window.
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Haoliang Yu

I am a full-stack javascript developer, geography lover, open source advocate, and skiing player.

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