I am pleased to announce that OpenDataDiscovery.org is now tracking more than 1,000 open data portals, 40% of data portals in the world!

This is an example image

A map of all recorded 329 cities / provinces / countries worldwide, in which each color category includes 20% of all portals.

Thanks to OpenDataSoft‘s comprehensive open data portal survey (see their blog), I am able to quickly identify a list of important open data service providers. So far seven major open data service providers have been supported:

As of 01/16/2017, the total number of datasets opened at these portals is more than 1 million! Also, thousands of data categories and publishers, and nearly a million data tags have been identified. This project just reveals an immense and existing world of open data and all these numbers are still likely to be underestimated.

For the following months, I will focus on analyzing the existing/coming data and building better data visualization. As the portal level metadata collection procedure is close to done, it is also time to explore the collection of the dataset level metadata.

I can wait to work on it to see what story this data is telling!